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John Dory

John Dory
  • "I recently saw a John Dory whilst diving near the Breakwater in Plymouth Sound and this encouraged me to create this print. John Dory's have always appealed to me because of their wonderfully gloomy faces! For the detail on local fishes, I sometimes buy them from the local market. I am lucky living in Plymouth, as we have a large fish market. I have got to know a local fishmonger who knows that I buy fish to draw and not to eat. He is very patient while I inspect several fish to ensure the fins and tails are intact. He always says, "I suppose you want one with a nice face!" This John Dory was the combination of two different fish, as by the time I had finished the plate and etched it, the colours of the original fish had disappeared, so I had to buy another!"
  • "Hover your cursor over the image to 'zoom' in and reveal more detail of the John Dory"
  • John Dory Hand Coloured Etching
  • Plate Size:305x273mm
  • Limited edition of 250


  • The John Dory print is supplied mounted in white acid free board, backed and wrapped in cellophane