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Cuckoo Wrasse

Cuckoo Wrasse
  • "I dive regularly in Plymouth Sound, and Cuckoo Wrasse are abundant! I'm always surprised by their curiosity and lack of fear - they will approach and hover very close to divers, rushing towards the anything edible if you waft up the sand or silt. Recently whilst diving, I lifted up a rock to discover a bright red Squat Lobster, unbeknown to me a Cuckoo Wrasse was hovering nearby, a flash of colour passed by and that was the end of the poor Squatty! Cuckoo Wrasse have stunning colours, and when I first learnt to dive, I was amazed at how colourful our native fish can be, big spotty Ballan Wrasse, Plaice, Thornback Rays & shoals of silvery Pouting & Pollock. An early entry in my logbook, of an early open water dive reads, "Lost snorkel, saw big blue starfish". I still lose bits of equipment, and am still excited by whatever sea life I see in the Sound!"
  • "Hover your cursor over the image to 'zoom' in and reveal more detail of the Cuckoo Wrasse"
  • Cuckoo Wrasse Hand Coloured Etching
  • Plate Size:262x155mm
  • Limited edition of 250


  • The Cuckoo Wrasse print is supplied mounted in white acid free board, backed and wrapped in cellophane