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Meganyctiphanes norvegicus (Krill)

Meganyctiphanes norvegicus (Krill)
  • "Limited edition hand coloured etchings commissioned by SAHFOS (Sir Alister Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science) for the symposium 'Plankton 2011' which celebrated 80 Years of Continuous Plankton Recording - Through SAHFOS the opportunity to study & draw Plankton arose, and my interest, excitement and passion increased as the microscope opened up a whole new world of marine creatures that I had never thought of drawing before. Further details about SAHFOS can be found at www.sahfos.ac.uk"
  • "Hover your cursor over the image to 'zoom' in and reveal more detail of the Meganyctiphanes norvegicus (Krill)"
  • Meganyctiphanes norvegicus (Krill) Hand Coloured Etching
  • Plate Size:125x150mm
  • Hand Printed
  • Limited Edition of 60


  • The Meganyctiphanes norvegicus (Krill) print is supplied mounted in white acid free board, backed and wrapped in cellophane
  • See a really interesting video on 'The Importance of Plankton'