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The Game Cook

The Game Cook
  • "Order signed copies of The Game Cook. Signed by Norman Tebbit and Debby Mason. Illustrations by Debby Mason. Norman Tebbit:- It all started in my local butcher's shop, the New Street Butchers in Horsham, West Sussex. I often took in to him pheasants, partridges and ducks from my days out shooting. I was looking at the pheasants priced between £4 and £5 and said: 'Why do people pay more for a rubber-boned supermarket chicken than they would for a pheasant?' 'Well,' he replied, 'I think mostly it's because they don't know how to cook them - and they think it would be very difficult.' That, I thought, is probably correct, but something should be done to put it right. So I wrote down a couple of my favourite pheasant recipes, printed a few dozen copies and put them on his counter (probably a breach of Hygiene and Food Handling Directive Two Million and One from Brussels). To my delight, the recipe sheets disappeared - and so did the pheasants. From then, I was on the hook and bit by bit I gathered together recipes we used at home, put them all together and created The Game Cook. A lot of my friends were somewhat surprised that I should have written a cookery book rather than one about how they are all cooking the books at Westminster, but I was interested in food even before politics. In fact, I cannot remember a time when I was not interested in food."
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  • Last few copies of 'The Game Cook' by Norman Tebbit still available whilst stocks last - Signed by the author and illustrator. Now out of print.