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  • "The Dodo bird (Raphus Cucullatus) was driven to extinction by humans in 1681, 175 years after their discovery, the last dodo was dead.

    The famous dodo of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was inspired by the remains of a dodo, kept in the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

    Dodos were only found on the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean.

    Dodo birds are related to pigeons.

    Although some say this is a myth, the loss of the dodo directly caused the near extinction of the tambalacocque, or dodo tree. The dodo tree's seeds would only germinate after passing through the digestive system of the dodo. To help with this trees survival, botanists now pass the seeds through the digestive track of turkeys."
  • "Hover your cursor over the image to 'zoom' in and reveal more detail of the Dodo"
  • Dodo Hand Coloured Etching
  • Plate Size: 95x90mm
  • Limited edition of 50


  • The Dodo print is supplied mounted in white acid free board, backed and wrapped in cellophane