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"I feel most strongly that we constantly take and profit from the sea and put very little of any good back in to it"

The sale of my work helps support the following projects & organisations:


Project Seahorse

An interdisciplinary and international organization committed to conservation and sustainable use of the world's coastal marine ecosystems.



Aiming to raise awareness of the plight of turtles and tortoises, EAZA brought its fourth annual conservation campaign to life in 2004: 'Shellshock'.


The Zoological Society of London

A charity devoted to the worldwide conservation of animals and their habitats. They aim to undertake and promote relevant high quality zoological and conservation.


Natural History Museum

Their vision is to advance our knowledge of the natural world, inspiring better care of our planet.


National Lobster Hatchery

Their conservation aim is to promote the sustainability in fisheries and aquaculture.


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  • Albatross

    Hand coloured etching, Limited edition of 60, (Cut out copper plate) paper size 380 mm x 495 mm.


  • Dodo - Mezzotint

    Mezzotint,Plate size: 200 x 175 mm,Limited edition of 60


  • Puffin

    Mezzotint,Plate Size:150x160mm,Limited edition of 60


  • Hen

    Mezzotint,Plate Size:125x150mm,Limited edition of 50


  • Pheasant (From 'The Game Cook')

    Mezzotint,Plate size : 195 x 185 mm,Limited edition of 40


  • Ducks (From 'The Game Cook')

    Mezzotint,Plate size : 270 x 150 mm,Limited edition of 40


  • Red-legged Partridge (From 'The Game Cook')

    Mezzotint,Plate size : 140 x 140 mm,Limited edition of 40


  • Woodpigeon (From 'The Game Cook')

    Mezzotint,Plate size : 115 x 132 mm,Limited edition of 40


  • Red Grouse (From 'The Game Cook')

    Mezzotint,Plate size : 148 x 161 mm,Limited edition of 40


  • Woodcock (From 'The Game Cook')

    Mezzotint,Plate size : 312 x 170 mm,Limited edition of 40


  • Humboldt Penguin

    Hand Coloured Etching,Plate Size:305x393mm,Limited edition of 250


  • Scarlet Ibis

    Hand Coloured Etching,Plate Size: 304x305mm,Limited edition of 250


  • Puffin

    Hand Coloured Etching,Plate Size:207 x 304mm,Limited Edition of 150


  • Dodo

    Hand Coloured Etching,Plate Size: 95x90mm,Limited edition of 50


  • Pelican - Small

    SOLD OUT - Hand Coloured Etching,Plate Size:80x95mm,Limited edition of 150


  • Bantam II

    Hand Coloured Etching,Plate Size:62 x 74mm ,Limited Edition of 150


  • Bantam III

    Hand Coloured Etching,Plate Size:62 x 74mm,Limited Edition of 150


  • Bantam

    Hand Coloured Etching,Plate Size:62 x 74mm,Limited Edition of 150


  • Penguin II

    SOLD OUT,Hand Coloured Etching,Plate Size: 55x83mm,Limited edition of 150


  • Penguin

    SOLD OUT,Hand Coloured Etching,Plate Size: 50x65mm,Limited edition of 150


  • Rock Hopper Penguin

    SOLD OUT,Hand Coloured Etching,Plate Size: 50x80mm,Limited edition of 150